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i Still Expect 2011 PostSeason for the #Dodgers. 8/17/2011

2011 NL Wild Card as of 8/17 via ESPN.com

2011 NL Wild Card as of 8/17 via ESPN.com

Okay, #Dodgers are 55-66, 13.5 GB in the #NLWest and 16 GB in the #NLWildCard race with 51 G ’til 162.

The last 10 games, LA is 4-6 and Lost 2 in a row. If there’s any silver lining it’s this. The Dodgers are losing heartbreakers! It probably doesn’t feel so good but look at this analogy:

A boxer is knocked out in Round 3. Its ugly. Even supporters feel doubt. The fights over. Even Disney couldn’t craft enough hope for this story…..There’s somethin’ to cry about.

The Dodgers are not being KO’d. These games are not ending without a fight! In Philly, we were within 1 run of the hottest team in the NL all 3 games (except the 5-3 L). Most of August (W or L) were separated by no more than 4 or 5. That’s Slam Range!

If anything, we’re losing decisions that can VERY easily go the other way. Yea “heartbreakers” for the other team! We can hang with the best of ’em still!

We just swept Houston! I didn’t see a lot of buzz about that….

If the PostSeason started today PHI, MIL and ARI would hold division, Wild Card to ATL.

Starting AUG 19, we have 24 of the 49 or so remaining games vs the NL West. That means, in the race for the West, we have plenty of opportunity make up some ground.

Our toughest series’ will be @STL Aug 22-24 and @ATL Sep 2-4 but, the reason I don’t like to rely too heavy on stats and probability is because an entire season can be reversed in the blink of an eye: a “ground-ball with eyes” or a “dying quail”, to quote Bull Durham.

Look, in the NL, there are 12 teams ahead of the Dodgers with only 4 playoff spots available. Its an obvious long shot but I’ve said before:

“I’ll take a long shot over no shot, in a heartbeat”

We’ve got the Brews again tonight from Milwaukee at 5pm. Tune in!

Dodgers AUG Schedule

Dodgers AUG Schedule

As long as we have a game to play we are just as entitled to the W as any other team, regardless of numbers.

Besides, everybody knows that YOU are the biggest factor in our team’s success. Buy tickets, wear your gear, listen to Vin, root for THIS Home Team!

Stay faithful, stay supportive, Stay Blue.

– @IEDodgerbum