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My Life – The Baseball Way

     Balls and Strikes. Fair or Foul. Out or Safe. These are the values that shape my life. Baseball has always been there for me. When I was diagnosed with Keratoconus, baseball didn’t let me quit. She pushed me to be her most passionate young player. When I was separated from her by the doctor when I was 16, she had faith in the old addage, “If you love something, let it go.”, sure that I would one day return to her grace.

     On a daily basis, I’m reminded of the difference between right and wrong. Reminded, only because it was her I learned from. In the beginning, it was just a child’s game, baseball, nothing more than something to do in between sleep, school and dinner. She always knew better, handling our relationship with patience and waiting for me to discover what she really meant to me.


     Even in my early years, I had a bond with her that nobody else I knew could even understand. She was more than just rules and activity. I understood what it is to respect her and what it is exactly that she will reward. Perhaps, before I should have, she showed me what it is that she will punish.

      The game of baseball is more to me than her label. Major League Baseball is how she presents herself to America, to the world. I love the way she does it, but the love I have at the deepest points of my imperfect heart is for what she means to the individual  stripped of all money and earthly possessions, of all social and idealistic pride.


     The power she demands over the man who must kneel before her, before wisdom and truth, in the face of honor and justice.and be counted either Good or Evil is what I believe to be “The Baseball Way.”

This blog is my place of worship. I believe in the Church of Baseball and all of it’s commandments. This is where I come share my testimony. I am accepting and respectful of all people and cultures. Anyone can play baseball and perform well.

 Everyone is allowed to enjoy it. 

I will post entries that are relevant to the way baseball is a reflection of society in America and what it does and can do for the world. Feel free to share you experience, stories, pictures and ideas in the comments. I love to talk baseball. 


The Baseball Way