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NEW POST @BaseballWay.com: Jackie Robinson Day 2012


Hello again, baseball fans! It’s that time of year again. The 2012 MLB season is in full swing and today, April 15 is Jackie Robinson Day.

I plan to spend the day in my Dodger hat, watching MLB Network and Fox Sports for all the festivities of the day!

As if you didn’t know, I compiled a short bio of Jackie Robinson and what he has done for the game and our culture. It’s posted now at www.baseballway.com

Here is an excerpt concerning the relationship between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Los Angeles Dodgers from the West side point of view.

I can only imagine how exciting it must have been to watch Jackie, especially with his style of play. He brought an aggressive speed to the game I’ve only read stories about but, today’s fan might take for granted.

As a Dodger fan, Jackie Robinson’s legacy is that much more special to me. I’m well aware of the pain that comes to Brooklyn over losing the most beloved team in New York. I recognize what happens when a city really identifies with it’s team. They become part of the family. They are representing your block, your burough, your hood, your way of life. It’s never easy letting go when the love is so strong.

In case you are a Brooklyn-ite who still dreams of Ebbets Field, for what it’s worth. We’re taking good care of them in Los Angeles. I can only speak for me but, as a Los Angeles sports fan I feel like we received a gift.

There was a time when we were all the way out here with the closest Major League Baseball game thousands of miles away.  We looked east for our Heroes of The Diamond and until “the move” could never feel that sense of pride in a team the way you all felt about “Them Bums”.

I bet alot of you have moved on. Maybe most of you are too young to really feel anything either way. I love Chavez Ravine, L.A. and Southern California but, I feel it’s important to let you know that supporting the Blue, White (and Red) always makes me think of Brooklyn, of Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese and everything we’ve accomplished together.


Make sure to check out the full post on BaseballWay.com.

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