The Interleague DHilemma of 2013

Time for the NL to adopt DH

Time for the NL to adopt DH

June 25, 2012
Inland Empire, CA

I woke up this morning to this story on about the changes to be made to the MLB in 2013.

The Houston Astros will be moving to the American League, which will balance the divisions. Interleague will be expanded to the entirety of the regular season. That, of course, brings up the DH rule.

According to ESPN, the MLBPA is unlikely to approve doing away with the designated hitter. The opinion is that the game is already complicated enough and having two sets of rules is even more so, for the fans. This means that our beloved National League could say goodbye to the chess piece of the line-up, the Pitcher’s Spot.

Here is my initial reaction via

“@IEdodgerBUM: I don’t like adding the DH to the NL but, it seems there will be no choice. Pitchers should be ballplayers, not princesses. #MLB #MiLB”

“@IEdodgerBUM: Designating a Hitter is saying, “my pitcher can throw but, he can’t play baseball” #MLB #MiLB”

“@IEdodgerBUM: Its just my opinion and I’m sure it will sell tickets either way but, I think baseball is going backwards.”

“@IEdodgerBUM: #Interleague will be a season long thing, tho. It could get confusing switching rules every 4th day. #DHilemma #MLB #MiLB”

“@IEdodgerBUM: I respect the DH, doing the most difficult thing in #sports for a living but Instead of gaining DH, it feels like losing the Pitcher’s Spot.”

Baseball has always been 9 guys per side, playing baseball. To me, hitting for the pitcher is absurd. In my defense, I am an old school type.

It’s not going to end my world or my love of the game to see the Dodgers use a DH. In fact, I can see the many benefits of having a DH. It’s not completely crazy, AL.

It does worry me,though, that losing the Pitcher’s Spot eliminates some of the late-inning excitement of match-ups vs pinch hitters in NL parks. It’s the Senior Circuit. It’s history. This is the way our ancestors played 😉

The fact that I’m “blogging” about my “tweet” proves that I’m a forward thinker. I’m not “afraid of change”. I will continue to “Root, Root, Root” for the MLB no matter what they do.

I am just a strong advocate of preserving history, especially of America’s Pastime. I don’t want it to become something that Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson or even Willie Mays wouldn’t recognize.

Nothing is set in stone.

Perhaps I’m over-reacting to a decision that hasn’t been made. IDK. All I know is that I’m sure I’m not the only fan who would miss the “old way” of the National League.




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