Kershaw for 2011 MLB Cy Young!

Every once in a while, the MLB Facebook account asks a question about the game that catches my attention. This morning they posted a pic of our ace in the hole with this:

MLB on FaceBook

MLB on FaceBook

“You Decide: The NL Cy Young race will come down to _______ vs _____ ”

Almost none of the replies were for Kershaw. Here’s how I responded:

“Wake up, Facebook! Its Kershaw vs Kershaw!

The only pitcher better than Clayton Kershaw in the NL is, yep you guessed it, Clayton Kershaw!

The kid delivers every appearance. You can’t argue with his numbers. The fact that the Dodgers are sub-par record-wise should only benefit his bid for NL Cy Young.

Where others would have already given up on the season, #KShaw shows up in a big way consistently. The only pitcher in MLB who can beat CK at anything is himself!

Go Dodgers!

LA Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw

LA Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw

What do you say?
Is there really anybody more deserving of the Cy Young in 2011 than “This Kid”?


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